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Photography Composition Articles: Photographer's Tools


Java Composition Adjuster
Same as the older JavaScript one, but works within any browser and on any OS!

Free Antique Cameras Price Guide
Really free. Almost 18000 cameras listed! More than 1700 manufacturers. Photos, auction prices, short descriptions.

Photographer's Astronomy
Just enter your location, and you'll be able to see sun/moon positions for any given day, moon phase, and these timings: sunset, sunrise, moonset, moonrise, all kinds of twilights. Also, you'll get the weather for today, longitude, latitude, and the visual exact location of this place in the world!

Photo Adjuster (JavaScript)
You may check these rules for any photo (URL, or local): Golden Mean, Golden Spiral, and Golden Triangles, as well as check this photo in black/white.

Depth Of Field Calculator by Don Fleming
Really good calculator with more than 400 cameras available.


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