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Composition Refresher
by Theresa A. Husarik
Composition, like proper technique can make or break an image. Everyone is guilty of a few images that don't make the cut, but if we stop and think about what we are doing while we are planning the picture, we can turn a lot of those throw-aways into keepers.

How you compose your subject depends on a lot of factors. What works for one subject will be totally wrong for another. But some basic rules apply across the board. Remember, though, that these "rules" are better looked upon as "guidelines", and not to be strictly adhered to. Sometimes a pleasing image has broken all the rules.

Coyote Buttes
or Vertical
Sand Dunes

sand, tracks and sage
Don't Amputate

Kodachrome Basin State Park
Rule of Thirds
Horseshoe Bend, AZ
Leading Lines

Fill the Frame

Watch for Aliens

Selective Focus
or Color

Watch The
Dramatic Angles
or Lens Fomat
Southern Utah
Emphasize Depth

Wild Things Photography

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Composition Refresher by Theresa Husarik

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