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"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs."
- Ansel Adams


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  • Latest additions

    7 Quick Landscape Composition Guidelines by Russ Burden
    Straight to the point description of basic composition rules.

    The Master Guide for Wildlife Photographers: Wildlife Compositions
    Excellent chapter from the book by Bill Silliker. Again, Amherst Media allowed us to publish it in our library. Check out really good examples.

    Beginner's Guide to Nature Photography: Composition
    Excerpt from the book by Cub Kahn. Amherst Media kindly allowed to publish it in our library.

    Guidelines for Better Photographic Composition
    Perfect examples for beginners, and intermetiate photographers. Composition rules: Simplicity, The Rule of Thirds, Lines, Balance, Framing, Avoiding Mergers.

    Photography Tutorial: Composition by Geoff Lawrence
    Composition advices, cropping techniques, viewpoint selection.

    An Eye for Composition by Gary Stanley
    Rules, advices and inspirating examples.

    Composition and the Elements of Visual Design by Robert Berdan
    A lot of information: Lines, Shapes, Color, Texture, Image Balance, Proportion Rules, etc. Perfect examples.

    Colour Theory as Applied to Landscape Photography by Michael Reichmann
    Good description of first and second order colors, complementary and harmonizing colours, intensity of light. Really nice photos as examples.

    Basic Photographic Techniques (U.S. Navy training manual)
    Don't be fooled by old B/W examples in this book. This is a perfect guide to better photography, and it contains really good examples of camera angles and composition.

    Photo Composition by AGFA
    Really good lesson. Take a subject and try to make all the composition variations. Nice examples.

    The Art of Composition by Lee Frost
    Good article about common rules and breaking them. Framing, rule of thirds, lines, camera position.

    Composition: Breaking all the Rules by Gloria Hopkins
    WYSIWYG - breaking the composition rules!

    Photography Techniques: Perspective by Klaus Schroiff
    Depth of field, focus, focal length, object isolation, separation, compression, layers.

    Photography Techniques: Using Light by Klaus Schroiff
    Spot light, backlit, monochrome, colors, etc.

    Composition I: Getting Beyond the Snapshot by Gloria Hopkins
    Composition guidelines: leading lines.

    Composition II: Composition in Nature Photography and the Elements of a Photograph by Gloria Hopkins
    Composition guidelines: light.

    Composition III: Composition in Nature Photography and the Elements of a Photograph by Gloria Hopkins
    Composition guidelines: depth and color.

    Composition with a 6x6...? Square Scotland by Wim van Velzen
    How to compose your photos in medium format.

    Composition Refresher by Theresa Husarik
    Several composition "do" and "don't" tips.

    The Golden Mean by Stuart Low
    Natural and mathematical rules and how they have been applied in design.

    Finding a satisfactory format for a square canvas by John Hagan
    Paitings examples.

    Photography, the Golden Mean, and Geeky Coolness by Laurie Nyveen
    Several short examples.

    Golden Section and Photography by Eugene Ilchenko
    Several examples and photo-adjuster tool to help to adjust the composition.

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